HGR Property Partners is a real estate investment company focusing solely on real estate investments in the Finnish market. Since its inception in November 2005 the company has so far completed commercial real estate transactions with a cumulative value of over € 460 million. In 2005 — 2009 the main international investment partner for HGR was Swedish private equity fund Sveafastigheter, while amongst the most important local investment- and development partners have been YIT Rakennus Oy and Ahlström Capital Oy.

HGR´s objective is to invest in value-added commercial real estate investments, focusing also on projects with development potential. Key importance is placed on investments where HGR can use its knowledge and know-how to add value to the investment. HGR´s main competences are the development of properties and active property-level risk-management.

The partners in HGR have been active within the Finnish and European real estate markets, previously acting as investors, developers, contractors, financiers and advisors. The strongest areas of expertise are within development, creation of investment grade products, financing and understanding of the behavior and strategies of property owners, tenants and investors.

"HGR is a reliable Finnish partner in real estate transactions"